For all your Shepards, what drew them to their LI s? Thanks for the ask! For Kira, her and Kaidan just clicked the moment they first started working together. It was tough trying to pick things back up after Horizon, but they were both determined to try and work things out. Noah was drawn to Ash because of several similarities in their beliefs and values. They were just starting to get into their relationship when the attack on the Normandy happened. Miranda was different than Ash and Noah saw all these different layers that she tried to keep hidden from everyone. He liked that underneath the exterior most people himself included at first saw as being a frosty bitch was someone who cared a lot about those around her. He felt a bit awkward around her since she literally knew how he ticked, but that wore off quickly. Jules and Joker were supposed to hook up much earlier.

Miranda Lawson Strip tease (Mass Effect)

Board How do I get Miranda up to my cabin for some sexy time? What do I do next? Provided of course that they are willing to have sex with you. Artemis – 8 years ago 2 0 Answers Just after you decide to do the suicide mission, Miranda will come down and tell you to meet her in 5 minutes.

Feb 12,  · Mass Effect 2: All Miranda love romance and love scenes. Yes I edited the sound at the end of this to make her thank Shepherd.

Mass Effect Cos Play Characters: It’s all the rage. Where’s there’s a sexy heroine or a strange creature or simply a Cortana or Supergirl to be dressed up as, you can count on the gaming community to claim characters from their favourite games. No Comic Convention or Halloween is safe from cos play these days, and frankly, Gears of Halo is not complaining and these cos play pictures of the girls from the Mass Effect universe will show you why not: Jack of all er Let’s start with Jack.

Despite wanting to kill anything and everything with her biotic abilities, Jack did have a softer, sexy side which I think this model has done a great job of showing. Look at me, I’m vulnerable! Now, I’m not so vulnerable. I just ate a baby! Let’s get real though, you didn’t come hear for dirty pictures of Jack though right? You came for Mass Effect’s Miranda. So here she is, in all her glory.

☆Multi Fandom Imagines☆

Lynda Mc Donald ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: It is a lot easier to romance a different character but if you play the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC it’s a lot easier to ensure that your romance with Liara extends to Mass Effect 3. Pursuing a continued romance with Liara in Mass Effect 2 may seem less and less attainable as the game continues — from the very beginning sequence in the game when the Normandy is attacked Shepard will force Liara into an escape pod to safety before dying and eventually being rescued by Cerberus.

Kelly Chambers is Commander Shepard’s yeoman on the Normandy SR-2 in In addition to her duties as yeoman, she is also a psychologist and will offer insight into each new addition to the squad. She is a potential romance partner for either a male or female ances: Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3.

Third of a three-part series, The Union Effect in California. Perhaps the most important effect of a strong labor movement is the countervailing force it poses to the corporate sector in the political and public policy arenas. This effect is clearly visible in California. With the support and backing of labor, California has passed ambitious laws promoting the rights of workers—union and nonunion alike—as well as policies advancing the common good broadly.

This paper reviews major laws in California passed since that were initiated or backed by labor in the areas of minimum wage, worker benefits, workplace safety, wage theft, employment-based sexual harassment, whistleblower protections, education, immigration, consumer protections, infrastructure and housing, climate policy, and criminal justice. Research has consistently found that, both in the United States and internationally, levels of income inequality are inversely correlated with rates of unionization.

Union workers earn wages higher than those of nonunion workers, even when accounting for variables such as age and education. In industries with high union density, both union and nonunion workers benefit from the higher wage standards set by the unions. Political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page researched the extent to which different interest groups represented the preferences of average citizens. However, several of the most powerful groups studied—the U.

Chamber of Commerce, oil companies, and several other business groups—pushed for a range of policies that the average American actually opposed. Of the 40 interest groups included in the study, only eight were found to support the interests of the middle class; all five of the unions included in the study were among those eight.

Mass Effect 2

A soldier who served as a gunnery chief on Eden Prime. A sentinel and staff lieutenant of the SSV Normandy. Edit Attraction — When waking after Eden Prime , Shepard will find either Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko waiting at the Commander’s bedside in the medical room, feeling guilty over getting snagged by the Prothean Beacon. Shepard can be reassuring and claim there was no way to know what the beacon would do, at which point Williams or Alenko will look much happier and a little intrigued.

Courting — After completing a primary mission on either Therum , Noveria or Feros , Shepard can speak about the mission with either Ashley or Kaidan and begin building up rapport that gradually grows into a romantic interest. Although temporarily stopped, this rapport can continue after Shepard’s second encounter with a beacon through another set of dialog options with Liara.

As strange as this sounds with regards to Mass Effect 3, it was best things end the way they did. Note: I haven’t played the Citadel DLC, which I’m told grants you one last hook-up with your love.

With mass shootings and sexual harassment reports on the rise, a psychologist reflects on how the evolving nature of male role models in the media may be contributing. Service for victims of Sutherland Springs Baptist Church shooting. But data show this solution is misguided. Who is a terrorist? If two acts of violence kill similar numbers of people, have similar effects on victims and communities, and spread fear and terror, should they not be seen as equally abhorrent?

A memorial for the victims of the shooting at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church, including 25 white chairs painted with a cross and and rose, is displayed in the Texas church. A man opened fire inside the church yet his attack has not been labelled terrorism. Yet they are not branded terrorists the way Muslims who commit violent acts are. Most mass killers have one common trait — a propensity for domestic violence.

This connection between mass shooters and domestic violence is the norm, not an exception. More than , firearms, mainly rifles and shotguns, were surrendered during the and gun buybacks. Let’s look at the evidence. A gun researcher explains the lack of funding for study in this area and what that means for informed policy.

Miranda Lawson

Share shares Wrote another: Get well soon Miranda. The star, 44, has been drawing in fans with her performance as the villainous character Let down:

Are you satisfied with the romance options in Mass Effect 2? Let us know who you hooked up with (or wish you could hook up with) in the Comments! Mass Effect 2. Load Comments.

Evidence exists of human habitation in the area now known as Venezuela from about 15, years ago. Leaf-shaped tools from this period, together with chopping and planoconvex scraping implements, have been found exposed on the high riverine terraces of the Rio Pedregal in western Venezuela. The Timoto—Cuica culture was the most complex society in Pre-Columbian Venezuela, with pre-planned permanent villages, surrounded by irrigated, terraced fields.

They also stored water in tanks. They were peaceful, for the most part, and depended on growing crops. Regional crops included potatoes and ullucos. They spun vegetable fibers to weave into textiles and mats for housing. They are credited with having invented the arepa , a staple in Venezuelan cuisine. Great signs are these of the Terrestrial Paradise, for the site conforms to the opinion of the holy and wise theologians whom I have mentioned.

And likewise, the [other] signs conform very well, for I have never read or heard of such a large quantity of fresh water being inside and in such close proximity to salt water; the very mild temperateness also corroborates this; and if the water of which I speak does not proceed from Paradise then it is an even greater marvel, because I do not believe such a large and deep river has ever been known to exist in this world.

In the 16th century, Venezuela was contracted as a concession by the King of Spain to the German Welser banking family Klein-Venedig , — Native caciques leaders such as Guaicaipuro c.

Miranda Lawson

She is shown to be a capable leader, exemplified with her being one of the few members of the squad who can successfully lead a fireteam in the final mission without anyone dying, despite feeling she does not command respect like Shepard does. Aboard the Normandy, the player’s spaceship, she is Shepard’s second-in-command and Executive Officer , and files mission reports directly to the Illusive Man. Lawson was the artificially created daughter of Henry Lawson, a rich and powerful businessman from Earth.

Rather than give her a human mother to randomize her genetic code, Henry took his own DNA and doubled his X chromosome , hoping to create a dynasty.

Mar 13,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Create New Yep, Bond does swing both ways with Silva. For me to marry the person I hate the most in the entire universe? So there’s these two characters, right? Fortunately, there’s a nice family-friendly explanation: This audience reaction trope happens when fans interpret subtextual marks of sexual tension in a tense, antagonistic, or outright violent relationship, and subsequently write Fan Fic and make Fan-Art where the arch-enemies love each other.

If the antagonist’s one-sided crush is already canonically admitted, in these Fan Fics the protagonist might realize that Stalking Is Love , and reciprocate the feelings. Psychologically speaking, this is generally the result of a principle known as misattribution of arousal. For more explanation, see analysis. Compare to Belligerent Sexual Tension and Foe Romance Subtext , where there’s actual romantic tension between the characters.

Axis Powers Hetalia France and England are also a good example of this, as they are often seen fighting over literally nothing. The ship was later turned into a gag during the movie Paint It White, where the alien’s information on France and England says that they love each other, sexually. A Certain Magical Index:

ch:noah shepard

The doctor is a lie, and so is the cake. March 30, ; Noo, the canon thing is that Miranda is sterile in such a way that for her to have babies of her own, they’s have to be almost as scientifically and genetically engineered as she is. In order to have biological children, she’d have to do what her father did, and that’s kind of what she would never want.

Porn or not, there’s always time to argue about canon. April 12, ;

For Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled “i made miranda mad can i still hook up with her”.

Shelby Wyatt x Caleb Haas Setting: During season 2 episode 4 called Kubark. Hi this my one-shot Shelby x Caleb taking place in season 2. I hope you like it! Shelby was in her office in New York, staring at her paperwork. Trying to find anything about the terrorists was beginning to make her go mad. She was looking for anything; a connection between the terrorists or to the mission she was working on a few months back with Nimah, Alex and Ryan.

It was slowly killing Shelby inside, being so close to the crisis zone but not being able to help. Her desk was covered in papers on everything the FBI knew about the terrorists, which wasn’t that much. The blonde girl was also feeling alone. A lot of her friends were stuck with the terrorists and Caleb She didn’t want to think about him, she felt horrible for what she did to him but Shelby couldn’t help missing that boy. The fact that she hasn’t seen him since Grand Central didn’t help.


While Vega is an experienced soldier, he is unfamiliar with the seedy underbelly and political workings of the galaxy. Upon returning home, his father Joshua Sanders sends him to pick up a package in San Diego. After obtaining the package from a shady dealer, the police move in and pursue James across the city. James escapes by slipping into a restaurant and blending in with the staff. After bringing the package of drugs to his father, James’ dreams of a military career are almost dashed when Josh threatens to tell the military what he did that night so that James will be forced to stay with him and serve as his errand boy.

As in the first game, Mass Effect 2 gives you the opportunity to pursue romantic relationships with your teammates. The gender of your character determines which crew members are potential love.

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Mass Effect 2: Miranda renegade romance

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