She’s a great actress who I know is going to bring plenty of drama to the famous cobbles of Weatherfield. Andrea and Steve become friends and she will “cause a stir” as Steve’s girlfriend Michelle Connor Kym Marsh becomes suspicious of their friendship. It was promised that Andrea had the door left open for her to return, with the character not being killed-off. I will be so sad to leave, I have had the best two years of my life here, it really is one big family. Everyone looks out for each other and I’ve made some incredible friends. I am excited about my exit storyline and the fact that it is part of the live episode. Corrie has given me a great platform to hopefully go on to work on other dramas, but I’d never rule out a return to Weatherfield as I love it so much.

Redcar drugs gang boss jailed

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Roy Cropper returned to Coronation Street tonight to reveal Carla Connor is hiding a shocking secret. The legendary cafe owner decided to cut his holiday short after discovering that his old friend was back in Weatherfield. Roy told Carla to come clean to her friends and family about the big mystery, but she angrily demanded he keep what’s going on to himself. With a lot more evidence building up, viewers are convinced that Carla must be pregnant as she repeatedly turned down alcohol and gushed about babies.

Roy Cropper returned to the cobbles to reveal Carla is hiding a big secret Image: ITV Roy headed straight for the Bistro to see Carla and have her a big hug before asking how she was.

Roy Cropper is heading out of Coronation Street, ITV has confirmed. But fans of the cobbles favourite can rest easy – he’ll be back three months later, after starring in a play. Roy Cropper.

No, I don’t mean Brian’s epic tale of Cinderella hunting for the one toe ring to rule them all. Could they be coded any clearer as opposites? Carla is black leather, dark hair, tight jeans; Elsa is fluffy and blonde and pastel. They look like they’re about to break out the magic wands and start a battle for dominance over Oz, although in this case I am very much Team Wicked Witch.

They also look really cold on that bench. Dammit, I promised myself I wouldn’t do any of those gags. Beware the Alleyway of Doom. The set extension has provided us with ample storyline opportunities. A tram stop to take people into town, a police station for the many, many crime-based storylines, a Costa and a Co-op to earn ITV a few bob. And, of course, an alleyway for when a character needs to be beaten to within an inch of his life.

Better health begins here.

She’s a great actress who I know is going to bring plenty of drama to the famous cobbles of Weatherfield. Andrea and Steve become friends and she will “cause a stir” as Steve’s girlfriend Michelle Connor Kym Marsh becomes suspicious of their friendship. It was promised that Andrea had the door left open for her to return, with the character not being killed off. I will be so sad to leave, I have had the best two years of my life here, it really is one big family.

Everyone looks out for each other and I’ve made some incredible friends.

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Humble bag from Loughborough Market voted a Coronation Street icon

Edit Tony was born in and had a brother called Pat. Tony witnessed his father die of a heart attack, but did nothing to help and just left him to die, believing his mother was better off without him. Some years later, Tony met his first wife Lindsey but they got divorced in , although she believed Tony would come back to her. Tony arrived in Coronation Street as the owner of a clothing firm, giving a contract to Carla Connor and her brother-in-law Liam , owners of the underwear factory Underworld.

However, he was more interested in Carla than the business. Tony was unpopular with the rest of the residents in Coronation Street when he commissioned development for flats in the area, and also killed a colony of bats.

Directed by Ian Bevitt. With David Neilson, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Katherine Kelly, John Henshaw. What could be better? A footballer’s wedding, a week in the sun, a luxury villa in historic Transylvania. It’s the trip of a lifetime for Coronation Street’s favourite café owners Roy and Hayley Cropper, until the brash Glen and Verity appear.

In scenes from tonight, Roy will become concerned that the local residents are being conned by Rosemary. Attempting to out the supposedly fake psychic, Roy goes to Rosemary with Audrey and Brian Packham Peter Gunn in tow to expose her as fraud. Roy Cropper will witness a brutal attack in tonight’s episode But all goes south quickly as the trio leave when Audrey is suddenly knocked to the floor by a gang of youths.

Circling the salon-owner as she struggles to get up, the group steal her handbag, leaving her and Roy helpless. Startled by the ordeal, Roy calls for an ambulance and sends Audrey off to the hospital to make sure nothing serious had happened. Obviously distraught by what had just happened, a miserable Roy heads to the Rovers Return to drown his sorrows. The attack on Audrey Roberts knocks her to the floor Coronation Street: Although Peter and Leanne are shocked by what Roy tells them, is it related to the attack on Audrey?

If Simon had something to do with the attack, will his parents defend him or make him own up to his crimes? Roy Cropper tells all to Leanne Earlier on this year Roy had to watch his friend Carla Connor Alison King fight off her own death as one of her kidneys failed.

Roy Cropper

Who put the ram Charlie Stubbs was a fictional character of Coronation Street , appearing from to He was a central character in , an anti-hero in between and , the main antagonist in , and the unseen bigger bad of ; with it’s most recent role being granted by the main villain of that year who was responsible for his demise. Biography Charlie was introduced as a new builder at the Builder’s Yard in Victoria Street who then began dating landlady Shelly Unwin. His first major villainous act was in when he psychologically abused her and took away her confidence and Shelly hid away from her friends and family.

Find out more about all the Coronation Street characters and cast with their profile pages.

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From the start, the lads were high-energy tearaways initially causing aggravation for Alf Roberts Bryan Mosley. Steve and Andy got up to a lot of mischief, including a joyride in an industrial earth mover, breaking Alf’s shop window. The lads were brought up mainly by their mother because their father Jim was in the army and away more than he was home. When he was home, the hot tempered Jim, whose tirades were often fuelled by whiskey and beer, had the boys fearing and resenting him.


Redcar drugs gang boss jailed By Joe Willis Jailed: Second hand car dealer Raymond Casling was sentenced yesterday alongside four gang members for their roles in two separate drugs conspiracies. In the first, Reginald Breeze, 38, of Herschell Street, Redcar, together with year-old Scott Lacy, of no fixed address, would store and supply fake ecstasy.

Breeze had white tablets on him when he was stopped by police in Loftus in July Officers found 2, more pills in the joiner’s home. The tablets, embossed with a bunny logo, looked like ecstasy but turned out to be what was then a legal high.


I was never really a fan of Phil Collinson. Too many casting decisions and plot lines just weren’t in the true spirit of Corrie for me. Stuart Blackburn has been at the helm for some time now, so I’m wondering, are all things Coronation Street on the road to recovery? It’s a mixed picture from what I can see.

A pregnant Tracy marries Roy. A few weeks later, Tracy found out she was pregnant and booked an abortion. Her original intent was to keep quiet but, when confronted by a furious Hayley Cropper, Tracy blurted out that she was pregnant with Roy’s Roy and Hayley couldn’t have children and longed for one, Tracy suggested that they adopt her baby for £20,

Storylines[ edit ] Deirdre meets fellow tenant, Roy Cropper, who seems over-helpful. Jamie Armstrong catches Roy Cropper reading a postcard Tracy sent to Deirdre and calls him pathetic, thinking that Roy is stalking Deirdre. The tank bursts in 5 Crimea Street, making the Armstrongs and Roy panic but Deirdre is unnerved by the way Roy takes advantage of the leak to try to get close to her.

She is stunned when he tells her that he’s sorry about her bereavement and tells Mike that she finds Roy Cropper too over-friendly. Roy pesters Deirdre late at night, inviting her for a drink. Mike tells Roy to leave Deirdre alone and make plans to move out. Tricia overhears Roy apologising to Mike for stepping in on his lady-friend.

Roy asks Tricia if she’s the same as Deirdre; one of Mike’s women and she tells him to get lost. Roy worries that Deirdre is brooding too much and fears that she may have a breakdown but he just annoys Deirdre as she sees Roy’s concern as him pestering her. Roy alerts Mike to the fact that Deirdre is shutting herself away. Bill and Jim find a cast-iron fireplace whilst renovating the flats and decide to sell it but Jamie tells Roy that they are nicking it and tries to blackmail them for a fiver.

Roy gets a new job washing-up in a big hotel.

Concertgoer suffers critical stab wounds after fight at Pusha T’s Toronto show

Short clip of Brooke and Sacha in the behind the scenes video of Originally taken from itv. I own nothing as Hayley and Roy set for Corrie wedding Behind the Scene – Roy and Hayles Wedding Think both Brooke and Sacha have

“The joke was that Roy Cropper was going to go on a series of disastrous blind dates, one of them being with a man who had transgendered to a woman.” Julie added that she was determined to make the most of the character, and that she wanted to make the viewers fall in love with the first transgender character on a British soap.

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Roy Cropper

This time it was around the canal heritage features of Castlefield to commemorate the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the first part of the Bridgewater Canal from Worsley to Castlefield in Manchester. Some of the Lymm CC members on the Castlefield Canal Heritage Walk with yours truly in the centre Photograph – Angela Wood Pre-Bridgewater Canal Castlefield The Castlefield area of Manchester is so called because it was once the location of a Roman settlement not really a castle but a manor house known as Mancunium from which the modern name of Manchester is derived.

There are restored remains which can be walked around to the south of the Staffordshire Warehouse Arm and Events Arena by Castlefield Junction. The Romans were also responsible for constructing one of the first canals or, as the Romans called them This terminus area was called Castlefield due to being close to the remains of the previously mentioned Roman settlement.

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Michael is told he needs open-heart surgery. Gail is shocked when her granddaughter Bethany Platt unexpectedly arrives in Weatherfield without her mother Sarah. A butler auction is held in the Rovers. Eileen Grimshaw goes out with internet date Adrian Mortimer. After a showdown in the Rovers with Carla, Tracy goes to Carla’s flat and prepares to murder her only to be disturbed by a noise and doesn’t go through with it.

Meanwhile a candle that she had left by a lamp catches fire, with both Carla and Tracy’s daughter Amy inside the flat asleep. Maddie Heath finds Jenny on the point of absconding with Jack. Meanwhile some burning debris lands in the Builder’s Yard causing Maddie to get hit by a second explosion, knocking her unconscious. He is also appalled to realise that his wife Gail was involved in the cover-up. Maddie dies in the aftermath of being caught in the Builder’s Yard explosion.

EastEnders fans spot epic Janet g*ffe as Willmott-Brown takeover intensifies

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